Frequently asked questions

It takes three easy steps:

  • Bring forth a business idea .
  • Book for a session to discuss the idea with one or all of our consultants
  • Pay any of our Consultants to develop your business summary and business plan documents.
Bimi's Consulting firm has on board, well seasoned and refined consultants/experts cutting across many sectors. Refer to the About us page for more details
Yes, zoom session are indeed obligatory. Sessions help us get to know the client's core values, dreams and aspirations better. It gives us an in-depth understanding about the candidates project(s) and/or career goals. Sessions also give the candidates the opportunity to have a one-on-one session with our consultants
Most of BC consultants have either had scholarships in the past or currently on scholarships. They have what it takes to drill you on what to say and what not to say on a statement of purpose, statement of intent, format to follow, etc.
From most of our partner platforms such as TEF, WiDu and many more.

Any questions? Contact us at support@bimiconsulting.org